School program

Academic coaching: Success first
The sport-etudes program is unique in North America and specific to Quebec. It’s an essential tool to manage the schedule of a standard academic path while pursuing high-level athletic development. This program is recognized and sanctioned by the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur and by the Quebec Soccer Federation.

The program has a strict rule: prioritize academic success before athletic success.

Players have to maintain a good academic record, with a minimum general average of 75% and at least 65% in mathematics and French.

During his formation, the student-athlete will have access to:

  • an education adapted to the training and competition schedule;
  • a system in place for classes missed because of sporting activities;
  • a supervised and mandatory study period every day;
  • recovery classes at the request of the coach, teacher, parent or student.

Schedule and holidays
From Monday to Friday, class ends at 12:25pm and are followed by training.The schedule is adapted during exam periods and according to the league calendar. All players have two weeks off for the winter holidays and three weeks in the summer, between July and the beginning of August. During summer, training sessions at Centre Nutrilait are held from 1:30pm to 3pm for the U14s and U15s, and from 3pm to 5pm for the U17s and U23s. 

High schools
The Impact has partnerships with five different high schools in Montreal:

  • École secondaire Édouard-Montpetit (French)
  • École secondaire Antoine-de-Saint-Exupéry (French)
  • Collège de Montréal (French, private)
  • Lester B. Pearson High School (English)
  • John Rennie High School (English)

Our partner schools have a lot of experience in sport-etudes programs as well as great proximity by their pedagogical team with players for personalized follow-ups, for class and exam recovery and tutoring programs. There is also close contact between the schools and the Academy, in order to monitor the player’s behaviour, along with communication with parents.

Our student-athletes from our five partner schools are grouped in classes with other athletes registered in sport-etudes programs. 


The Academy strongly encourages its players to continue their academic path by going to a sports-etudes alliance cegep. This allows the player to tailor his course schedule around training hours. For more information:

Some universities like UQAM and Université de Montréal/HEC recognize the status of Athletic Excellence and allow us to keep some flexibility for the classes and exams, according to the schedules. 


The morning transportation to go to school and to come back from practice at the end of the day is the family’s responsibility.

Transportation between the school and the training centre is offered by an Academy shuttle for the Édouard-Montpetit and Lester B. Pearson high schools. For Antoine-de-St-Exupéry high school, the school provides the shuttle service. For players going to John Rennie High School, there is no shuttle; public transport must be used when possible.

Please note that the players are training from April to November at Centre Nutrilait, located at 411 avenue Létourneux, Montreal.

From November to April, they train at Complexe sportif Marie-Victorin, located at 7000 boulevard Maurice-Duplessis, Montreal.

Outside of school hours, players have to get to the training sessions on their own. 

With a cost of admission more for symbolic purposes, the Impact looks to confirm the seriousness of the candidates who wish to partake in the Academy’s developmental structure. At the Montreal Impact Academy, talent should take precedence over financial resources. Consequently, upon completion of grade 8, the student-athlete will participate in the program free of charge, upon confirmation of his capabilities and commitment to the Montreal Impact after the first two years of high school. 

Grade 7: $700
Grade 8: $500
From grade 9 onwards: free

Government aid is available for players in high school (whose parents are Quebec residents, for a 10-month period).