Ballou Fabrice

Tabla and Mbvouvouma will train in Bologna

The first team winger Ballou Jean-Yves Tabla and reserve team midfielder Fabrice Mbvouvouma will be Bologna from November 20 to December 1 to train with the Serie A club of Bologna FC 1909.

“I hope to have a lot of fun and get a good experience over there,” said Tabla. “Last year, I learned a lot on the tactical side.”

In January 2016, goalkeeper Maxime Crépeau took part in a camp in Bologna, just before players from the second team at the time Thomas Meilleur-Giguère, Marco Dominguez and Ballou Jean-Yves Tabla flew to Bologna in February.

This will be the third time that Bleu-blanc-noir players will train with the Italian team.

Ballou Jean-Yves Tabla signed his first MLS contract on October 20 for next season. He scored five goals and had five assists in 21 games in 2016 with the USL team. As for Fabrice Mbvouvouma, he played eight games with the club’s reserve team.