Antoine Guldner

Antoine Guldner is the new Head of performance culture at the Academy

In 2018, Antoine Guldner is back with the Montreal Impact Academy as the head of performance culture.

In his new functions, Guldner will continue to develop the players’ mental skills and abilities. He will accompany players throughout their journey by helping them develop performance habits and by helping them understand the situations they face.

“My role, first and foremost, is to help young players at the club progress and integrate into the first team,” said Antoine Guldner, speaking to Impact Media. “There are specific abilities that can help them become professional players and my goal is to help our kids understand and gain these abilities. I’m lucky to have had success with the Academy and the first team. It’s interesting that the kids from the Academy can benefit from these experiences.”

Years of experience with the Impact
Antoine Guldner was a mental strength coach at the Academy from its inception in 2011 to 2014, contributing to its foundation and its success in the Development Academy, before becoming the mental strength coach for the club as a whole, including the first team, in 2015, in preparation for the CONCACAF Champions League.

Born in the south of France, Guldner played soccer at the highest level until the age of 18 (U17 and U19 National Championship with Castelnau/Le Cres) before getting a bachelor’s degree in physical and sports education, specializing in soccer. He then continued his studies to earn a master’s degree specializing in mental strength and sports performance coaching at UFR STAPS in Montpellier.

“What I learnt in university is important,” added Guldner. “These years of studying gave me the scientific knowledge and the experience necessary to work efficiently. It’s equally essential to know the club well, and to understand the reality of a high-level league like MLS to help young players in their development. Developing a player is a team job, and every member of our personnel has different skills and responsibilities that compliment each other. Our goal is to have a professional environment that maximizes the progression of our young players. It’s very motivating to participate in the Academy’s development and contribute to the overall success of the club.”