Match report - MTL v PHI

Joe DiMaggio Sports Complex, Clearwater, Florida

PHI - Przybylko 57'

MTL - Bojan 16'
PHI - Przybylko 28'
PHI - Martinez 89'

MTL - 
Diop; Corrales (Ferdinand* 77'), Camacho (Waterman 73'), Fanni (Binks^ 73'), Bayiha (Brault-Guillard 46'); Piette (Giraldo* 77'), Shome (Taïder 60'), Saba (Choinière 46'); Quioto (Okwonkwo 60'), Bojan (Jackson-Hamel 60'), Urruti (Ballou 60')

Unused substitutes: Bush, Pantemis, Sirois*, Yao, Laurent*, Fernandez*, Piatti

*Academy players
^Invited to camp

THIERRY HENRY, Head coach - Montreal Impact

About the team's second preseason game

"Despite not starting as well as we should, this Philadelphia team has played this system for a while now. The team is mostly the same and their players have been playing together for a long time. We had a hard time getting into the game, but we finished a lot better. It could've been better at the start. We won't look for excuses, but I am satisfied with the way we performed near the end."

CLÉMENT DIOP, Goalkeeper - Montreal Impact

About the team's new system

"I think we're putting something in place that's very interesting. We need to continue working on it with even more intensity. Everyone is trying to give their best effort. It's a new style of play we're trying to learn. We need to continue working on it. It's a little disappointing that we didn't manage a good result, but we're working hard every day to improve."

CLÉMENT BAYIHA, Defender - Montreal Impact

About his adjustment to full-back and his speed

"It was a little complicated in the first 15 minutes because of my positioning. I needed to be lower on the pitch to receive the ball and move forward. I adjusted near the beginning of the game and my play improved afterwards. Since I receive the ball lower on the field, I can use my speed and get into the final third. I'm dynamic enough to do so and it gives me a lot of space as a full-back. I need to exploit that speed."