CF Montréal unveils its new primary jersey

MONTREAL – CF Montréal unveiled on Thursday its new adidas primary jersey, the first since the Club’s identity change on January 14.

The new primary jersey is available online here.

The black jersey is embroidered with the three blue adidas lines that run from the collar to the sleeves, as well as a blue trim around the collar and the sleeves. It contains elements of the new logo embossed over its entire surface, a DNA band inside the collar, which recalls our identity and the importance of the Club’s history, as well as a CFM 2021 crest, which highlights the fact that this is the very first CF Montréal jersey under the Club’s new colours. This jersey, which makes the link between the Club’s past and present, is also a constant reminder of our strength in numbers.

“This jersey is a celebration of the uniqueness of our city, our province and our history,” said CF Montréal’s President and CEO Kevin Gilmore. “We are proud of where we are from and what makes us different. This evolution is part of this feeling and this will to be different and united. All of our former players, the unforgettable moments we lived with our fans and our championships, these are elements that form our DNA which we've incorporated in the new jersey, so that it can be an integral part of what will be worn by our current players set to write the next chapter.”

Montreal’s difference and uniqueness are also put forward thanks to the Club’s main partner, BMO Financial Group, who accepted to display only the silver circle of its logo on the primary jersey. CF Montréal will be the only BMO partner club to hold this privilege on its primary jersey.
“CF Montréal had the audacity and the nerve to make a difference in the daily life of Montrealers,” said Claude Gagnon, President, BMO Financial Group, Quebec. “BMO is proud to be able to continue its partnership with the Club and to seize this opportunity to showcase the team.”

MLS announced last week that MLS teams will be allowed to start their training camps as of March 8, and that the regular season will begin on April 17.