Director's word

Each and every one of us wants to see our child blossom thanks to the activities we allow them to participate in.

Other than being enjoyable experiences, the Montreal Impact Soccer Schools’ programs take their technical foundation from the club’s initial values, the main goal being to help our young participants progress, whether it be boys or girls. They also allow the young and not-so-young to develop their love of the game and the Bleu-blanc-noir.

Thanks to an educative and sporting project, unique to this province and based on learning to have fun while playing soccer, the SoSc represent a true springboard for young players: registering with an amateur club, and having a desire to reach goals by following advanced SoSc programs….

Whether a pastime or a specific solution for progression, the Montreal Impact Soccer Schools boast multiple custom made programs for young players aged between five and 14 years old (with exceptions), which complement the work done in Quebec’s amateur clubs. There are also events in Montreal and all over Quebec, with sessions for coaches also available.

Our team is passionate and is on the constant lookout for more innovative ideas, to continue offering high-quality services, representing the technical base of our club’s development pyramid.

Our content is rich, and it varies and evolves. We are always receptive to special requests, in order to offer you all our support in your initiatives related to the practice of soccer.

See you soon at the Montreal Impact Soccer Schools!

Mathieu MAHY.