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Quote-unquote: U14 Qualification Tournament

Every year, the International U14 Qualification Tournament, presented by Nutrilait, hosts 16 amateur clubs that face each other for a chance to play in the International U14, a tournament featuring six MLS clubs, including the Montreal Impact, and Bologna FC.

Impact Media gathered comments from some of the participants in the U14 Qualification Tournament last weekend, which was won by FS Salaberry.

Somdo Amegavie, CSMRO head coach

“It’s a high-level tournament with a lot of quality players. It’s well organized by the Academy and we thank them for their hospitality. It’s professional and it gives the impression that the kids are professional.”

“We see a lot of players from different regions, which shows that soccer in the province is gaining popularity. We can also compare ourselves to other teams.”

Omar Segura, CS Terrebonne head coach

“It’s a nice challenge. A tournament like this one increases team spirit since we are all together. It’s a good competition to prepare for the season and other competitions coming this spring.”

Demba Sissoko, FS Salaberry

“It’s a competitive tournament and we prepared for it in advance since it was the first time a team from Salaberry was participating. It’s good for the development of the youth.”

The International U14, presented by the Fédération des producteurs d’oeufs du Québec, will be played from June 27 to 30 2019, at Centre Nutrilait.