A new partnership between CF Montréal and BET99.net

MONTREAL – CF Montréal announced on Monday a new three-year deal with BET99.net, a free to play online sports and casino website, as a corporate partner.

The agreement fits with the brand positioning strategy and the commercial expansion of the Club, with the goal to associate with the best partners possible in different categories.

With this association, CF Montréal and BET99.net will undertake the activation of this engaging and innovative partnership. The BET99.net logo will be printed on the back of jerseys worn by the players and the coaching staff during training, which will also be worn before the games.

“It’s a great opportunity for our organization to keep growing beyond the pitch by strengthening our commercial position for years to come with a valued partner,” said CF Montréal President and Chief Executive Officer Kevin Gilmore. “This partnership with BET99.net is special as it is the first commercial brand to partner with the new project that is CF Montréal.”

“Both parties are going into this partnership with a strategic mindset of leveraging the common ground between our two brands,” said CF Montréal Director of Marketing, Digital and Fan Engagement Jimmy James-Bergeron. “BET99.net has come into the market aggressively, and with high ambitions – we look forward to working by their side and keeping the momentum going.”

“We are really happy to partner with CF Montréal and to embrace Montreal and Quebec’s footballing culture,” said BET99.net Chief of Marketing Davin Bahuguna. “We are extremely proud to start a partnership as natural as the one with this Club with a rich history and a promising future. Our constant pursuit of excellence is one of the main similarities that unites us with CF Montréal and together we can accomplish great things.”

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