ZD5 MC29

Training camp diary – Day 14

Fire alarm wakes up team in middle of the night

The Montreal Impact lived a situation that we thought was only possible in movies. Around 12:45am, many hours after our heads were rested on our pillows, a blaring siren started to resonate. We had to evacuate our rooms, half-knowing what was going on. At least no harm was done and we were back in bed about 15 minutes later. But still, we asked ourselves if that false alarm was the work of a Nashville SC supporter, whom we face on Wednesday in our second preseason game.

Around eight hours later, it was time to go back to the Premier Sports Complex fields in Lakewood Ranch. The workload was a bit lighter today, with only one training session, which consisted of the usual warmup, a bit of running and about an hour of 2 v 2 soccer tennis; there are six courts and the winners of a game go up a “division”, while the losers are relegated.

Players are continually pushed to show their highest technical quality. The effort is high and we can appreciate all the skill behind the players’ touch of the ball, even the goalkeepers. In the end, Zakaria Diallo and Mathieu Choinière won the last game of the division 1 court and took home the honours.

Freed from a second training session, the players enjoyed an afternoon off and rested before spending the Super Bowl evening together, with a menu that was just a bit different from what the chef usually prepares. Not too different, though, because tomorrow, there are once again two training sessions on the schedule.